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Steven is an amazing lawyer! He got me out of a probation violation after I had some relapse issues and kept me from going to jail. He's also helped to clear up a case of mistaken paternity in family court, saving me over $20,000. He always answers his cell phone and is very personable. He answers all my questions in easy to understand terms and provides regular updates on my cases. He is my go-to lawyer for any and all cases. I highly recommend this guy to anyone viewing this page!

Nick Russell

Steve took care of my case and made me feel comfortable with the process every step of the way! He returns each call in a timely manner, which is so important. I can't thank him and his team enough. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney.

Jacob Briggs

Great guy, has helped me out a lot. Highly recommend.

Michael Grelewicz

No matter what legal issue I was facing Steven and his whole team helped me threw it….I no longer live in Rhode Island however just today a dear friend asked me if I knew of a good lawyer who could help her threw a legal issue….With out a second thought…..I said call Steven DiLibero!!!


After almost 16 years waiting to see my kids and family and going to unfair case decision done by U.S.C.I.S tired of spend so much money with no results. Was highly recommended by friends who had THE BEST-case results handled Attorney Steven and his team. he helped me to resolve my case. My case was unique and with his professional skillsets and knowledge he helps me to resolve my case at best. Now I’m able to see my kids and family members any time. My experience with Attorney Steven was excellent. He’s one of the best attorneys to work with on immigration issues. I highly recommend Attorney Steven and his team.


Steven D. Dilibero is an excellent attorney and he is very easy to talk to. He thoroughly knows the immigration process and keeps his clients informed of the various rules/procedures so there are no unexpected surprises. We would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with immigration.

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Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury

When you have a claim, the law limits the time you have in which to present it. There may be additional factors involved in your claim which may limit or extinguish your right to recovery. Let the The Law Office of Steven Dilibero and Associates analyze your case and determine what action needs to be taken immediately before you lose your rights.

Immigration Law

Dilibero & Associates serves the immigrant community by assisting non-United States citizens in becoming lawful citizens of the United States. We pride ourselves on our tremendous success in all employment-based and family-based petitions. We also have an unsurpassed 95% approval rating on visa applications.

Criminal Law

The Law Office of Steven Dilibero and Associates is one of Rhode Island’s most recognized criminal defense firms. The firm’s attorneys have represented clients on matters ranging from parking tickets to capital murder cases. We have represented clients facing charges in Florida, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas and Vermont.


Are you involved in a civil law dispute? Our civil attorneys represent clients in a wide range of industries and situations. If you need legal support contact our office today. If you are facing a civil law matter, it is important that you are properly represented by an experienced attorney from The Law Office of Steven Dilibero and Associates.


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